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The South Korean company Nuga Best has been operating on the world market since 2005. Massage equipment and health products of this brand are actively used by millions of people in 110 countries of the world.

In Belarus, the first showroom of the company was opened in Minsk in 2006. Here, those who wished could learn about new technologies for restoring health and try out the company’s products for free: a massage bed, a tourmanium carpet and a biomassager for feet.

The opening of the Nuga Best hall was a great success: to get to the presentation, people were queuing up early in the morning. Over time, visitors to the hall began to share the first results. Regular use of Nuga Best products improved health in cardiovascular diseases, helped to recover from strokes, soothed back pain, healed joints, lowered sugar and cholesterol levels, normalized bowel function, strengthened immunity and improved overall well-being.

The demand for Nuga Best products has increased, and now Belarus has 16 showrooms in Brest, Grodno, Gomel, Mozyr, Kalinkovichi, Lida, Bobruisk, Zhodino and Zhlobin.

Nuga Best equipment has its own history. The first massage bed was developed by the medical engineer-inventor Cho Seung Hyun for his mother. The woman worked hard to raise six children. With age, her back hurt badly. The desire to help the mother restore her health inspired Cho Seung Hyun’s painstaking research and experiments, as a result of which the first Nuga Best back massager was created.

The success in home use of the massager and the mother’s recovery led to further developments. This is how the Nuga Best product line arose: back and foot massagers, tourmanium projectors, knee pads, carpets – allowing many people to use them every day at home to improve their health and quality of life.

The uniqueness and main advantage of all products is the use of tourmanium ceramics – a patented invention of the Nuga Best company. The company has 13 awards for inventions and 10 patents, including a patent for a new generation of tourmanium ceramics using nanodiamonds. In 2017 and 2018, Nuga Best products were awarded the title “Brand of the Year”.

All Nuga Best products are sold exclusively through the showrooms of official representatives – this is the main principle of the company, which helps to protect buyers from buying a fake.

We realize the value of each person and carry a new culture of health and longevity, improving the quality of life.

We are so made!


We contribute to the health of humanity by using cutting-edge technology and high quality service. Humanism, prosperity, happiness – health is the foundation of all this. Based on recognized technologies (awarded by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 1995 and the Zhang Yong Sil IR52 prize in 1994), Nuga Medical, founded in 2002, produces thermal, ultrasonic, low-frequency equipment for home use. , which is sold in 105 countries of the world. Currently, the export of the company has reached $ 200 million, which is a huge contribution to development.

The President of NUGA MEDICAL CO., LTD, Mr. Cho Seung Hyun, is the creator of the Nuga Best Massage Bed with his education as a medical device designer. He and all his family are the first and most active users of Nuga Best equipment.

From the resume of the President of NUGA MEDICAL CO., LTD:
President of Nuga Medical Co., Ltd, creator of Nuga Best equipment (since April 2002)
Laboratory Director and Production Director of Ceragem Medical Co., Ltd (March 2000 – March 2002)
Director of Joyang Medical Co., Ltd (November 1998 – February 2000) Recipient of the Certificate of Commendation from the Minister of Science and Technology (21.04.1995, 28th Science Day)
Recipient of the IR52 Scientific Award (08.01.1994 year)
The creator of the apparatus for crushing kidney stones by shock blast waves (the apparatus is widely used in medical practice).

"We will create a healthy society based not only on advanced technologies, but also on love and care for people."


Mr. Cho Seung Hyun

President of the company “NUGA MEDICAL CO., LTD”