Spinal traction

Spinal traction (traction) is the return of the spine to the correct, orthopedic position. The spine is stretched using the Nuga Best equipment.

The spine is part of the musculoskeletal system. This is the trunk of our body. The spine consists of bony vertebrae and cartilaginous intervertebral discs. The ligamentous apparatus keeps the spine in one system. Muscles carry out the movement of the vertebrae among themselves.

Under stress on the spine, the intervertebral disc is compressed. Part of the disc extends beyond the boundaries of the spine – this is how an intervertebral hernia occurs. A hernia infringes on the nerve roots, so there is pain and dysfunctions associated with the roots.

To eliminate the intervertebral hernia, traction (traction) of the spine should be performed. During traction, the vertebrae move away from each other. Free space is formed between the vertebrae. As a result of this, the intervertebral hernia is repositioned in the place from which it came out. After eliminating the hernia, the nerve root is released, the pain goes away, the function of the nerves is restored.

To stretch the spine, you can use different types of Nuga Best equipment:

– tourmanium massager NM-5000;

– tourmanium massager NM-4000;

– tourmanium projector NM-300;

– tourmanium projector NM-200.

How the spine is stretched using the Nuga Best equipment

The internal projector of the NM-5000 equipment contains seven rolls made of a special alloy – tourmanium ceramics. The rolls are placed on a metal carriage. The carriage has a movable connection and moves inside the main mat of the equipment.

Six rolls are placed in pairs and are on the same level, slightly protruding above the surface of the massager. The seventh roll is located a little to the side and below. He takes part in the massage only in the upper part of the massager, where the carriage runs into a special slide.

When a person lies down on the rolls, the spine bends backwards. Behind, the vertebrae contain spinous processes. Bending the spine through these spinous processes leads to its extension. At the start of the massage program, the rolls begin to move up and down, providing traction along the entire length of the spine.

A similar stretching of the spine can be done on the NM-4000 tourmanium massager. Here, in the main mat, there are four tourmanium rolls, fixed on the carriage at the same level. The lifting height of the carriage is slightly less than in the NM-5000, which makes the pulling process softer and more delicate.

Stretching of individual parts of the spine can be performed using the NM-300 nine-ball tourmanium projector or the NM-200 two-ball projector.

In this case, place the projector on a firm, level surface with your back on it. Local stretching of the spine will occur under the influence of the projector bulges. The vertebrae move away from each other, hernias are reduced.

Unlike massagers NM-4000 and NM-5000, where the rolls move automatically, the projectors should be manually moved along the spine to affect different parts of it.   

Authoritative opinions of doctors:

Klimov V.F.Neurologist

The purpose of spinal traction is to influence the spinal motion segment, paravertebral tissues (muscles, ligamentous apparatus, tendons and joint capsules), remove functional blocks, relax the deep muscles of the spine and normalize the mechanophysiology of the above structures of the spine. The very possibility of stretching the spinal segment, i.e. increasing the intervertebral disk capacity is beyond doubt and has been proven in the last century.

Infrared radiation

Electromagnetic radiation varies in wavelength and frequency. Depending on these parameters, it can be toxic, neutral or beneficial to the human body.

Gamma rays have the shortest wavelength and highest frequency. They are the most toxic and dangerous. Upon contact with the human body, they penetrate it, causing a damaging effect at the cellular level. In nature, they practically do not occur in pure form. The ozone shell of the Earth protects us from gamma rays, the source of which is the Sun.

X-rays, or X-rays. They have a longer wavelength and a lower frequency. These rays easily penetrate the human body, but the damaging effect of their action is less. Used in medicine for X-ray diagnostics and computed tomography.

Ultra-violet rays. Less toxic and dangerous than X-rays. Once on the human body, they do not cause significant disturbances. Under their influence, the melanocytes of the skin produce the pigment melanin. This creates a tan. Melanin, or tanning, protects the skin from the deeper penetration of ultraviolet rays. With prolonged exposure to the skin, ultraviolet light can cause degeneration (oncology) of melanocytes. This is how a dangerous tumor arises – melanoma. Therefore, prolonged use of ultraviolet rays can be hazardous to health.

The visible spectrum waves are the rays that the human eye can see. We distinguish them by color. These are the well-known colors of the rainbow: rays of purple, blue, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Such rays practically do not penetrate into the human body and are safe.

Infrared rays have a long wavelength and a low frequency. They cannot be seen with the eyes, they are perceived by the thermoreceptors of the skin of our body. A variety of heated objects are sources of infrared rays. The characteristics of infrared rays depend on the qualities of the heated substance:

– The heated gas is a source of shortwave infrared radiation. Such rays are safe for the body, but have a very small depth of penetration into the human body – 1-2 cm. Therefore, prolonged use of short-wave rays (for example, in a sauna) can cause overheating.

– Medium-wave infrared waves are emitted by a heated liquid such as water. The heat of water penetrates deep into the human body up to 3-4 cm. This heat is safe for humans. But its long-term use can have a negative effect on certain diseases, such as cancer.

– Long-wave infrared waves are safe for humans. Heated solids are the source of them. The human body is also a source of long-wave infrared radiation (wavelength – 6-20 microns). There are some minerals (for example, jade, tourmaline) that, when heated, emit very similar waves in spectrum. Long-wave infrared radiation freely penetrates into the human body to a depth of 7 cm.

Tourmanium ceramics is an artificial composite material. In tourmanium ceramics, the component parts are specially selected so that their radiation coincides as much as possible with the radiation of the human body. This ensures the deepest possible penetration of long-wave infrared rays, gives the greatest healing effect and ensures safety in use.



As already mentioned, acting on the human body, infrared radiation (heat) has the deepest penetration – up to 7 cm.In this case, the following biological changes occur in the body:

1) Regulation of body temperature. During warming up, the lack of heat is replenished in the body. Less energy is used to keep warm, which is especially important in cold conditions. As a result, all biological processes in the body are accelerated.

2) Improving blood supply. In the heated area of ​​the body, vasodilation occurs. Here the blood flow increases, a large amount of blood comes here. As a result, the supply of nutrients and oxygen improves. It also contributes to better cleansing of a heated organ or body part from accumulated waste products (toxins).

3) Acceleration of metabolism. Infrared heat acts at the cellular level to provide the necessary energy. As a result, the movement of substances through the membrane is accelerated. Cells divide faster and damaged organs heal faster.

4) Relaxation of spasmodic muscles. This is especially important for the back muscles in diseases of the spine. Spasms of smooth muscles are also eliminated – intestinal, hepatic and renal colic.

5) Destruction of microorganisms – bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, parasites. Each microorganism has its own very sensitive temperature optimum. Microorganisms cannot maintain their own body temperature. Changes in ambient temperature lead to their death. Therefore, infrared radiation causes overheating and death of microorganisms.

6) Cleansing the body. When heated, the body tries to maintain its temperature homeostasis – a constant body temperature. Therefore, the mechanisms of cooling the heated area are turned on: vasodilation and sweating. Excessive sweating occurs in the heated area. Sweat takes part in cleansing the body. Together with sweat, a large amount of toxins are released, which serves as a purification for the human body. This reduces the burden on the kidneys and regulates water balance.

7) Regulation of blood pressure. When warming up, vasodilation occurs and blood pressure decreases. To do this, warm up areas of the body distant from the head – legs, arms, feet.

8) Pain relief. When exposed to infrared rays, a decrease in the manifestations of the inflammatory process and edema is observed, and the pain soothes.

9) Strengthening immunity. Immunity is the protection of our body (sterile and clean) from the surrounding world (dirty and filled with microorganisms). One of the most important instruments of immunity is the activity of white blood cells – leukocytes. An increase in blood flow during warming provides an increase in the immune defense of a heated organ or part of the body. This strengthens the body’s resistance, protects it from disease.


10) Splitting fatty deposits. Adipose tissue is a depot of fat in the body. Excess energy consumed with food accumulates here. Adipose tissue is very poor in blood vessels, blood flow here is weakened and slowed down, the temperature is naturally lowered. When warming up, the blood supply to the adipose tissue increases. Fat deposits pass into the blood, their content in fat cells decreases. Weight loss occurs. But it should be borne in mind that fats entering the bloodstream cause poisoning of the body. To avoid a deterioration in well-being, overweight people should drink plenty of water while losing weight.

Air ionization

Ionization is the process of forming ions (charged particles) from inactive molecules under the influence of a magnetic field.

A substance in nature can be either in a molecular inactive state, or in an activated (ionized) state. The molecules are neutral and motionless. Ions, on the contrary, carry a positive (+) or negative (-) charge and are always mobile. Wildlife consists mainly of ions and is in constant motion. In living nature, metabolism is constantly taking place. Inanimate nature is most often molecular. There are almost no independent movements here.

The ionization process manifests itself when neutral molecules fall into a magnetic field, with the breakdown of the molecule and the formation of a positive and negative ion. Ions begin to move towards each other; the substance acquires mobility. Ionization occurs. This ionization is carried out by turmanium ceramics. It contains tourmaline stone, which has its own constant magnetic field and has an ionizing effect.

Ionization value

1. Air ionization. Air ionization occurs under the influence of tourmanium ceramics. Neutral air molecules split into two ions – positive (heavy) and negative (light). Heavy positive ions are deposited on the ground. Negative ions are light, they continue to fly through the air, making it ionized, charged. When breathing, such charged ions enter the human body and activate all metabolic processes. The level of oxygen consumption improves, the work of the heart is enhanced, the cleansing of the body and regeneration processes are accelerated.

A high level of air ionization has a beneficial effect on human health. It was noticed that the largest amount of ions in the air is contained in the mountains, in the coniferous forest, on the seashore (near the surf), near waterfalls. High ionization of the air creates the most comfortable conditions for rest. It is in such conditions that resorts, sanatoriums and dispensaries are located, where only nature is capable of treating diseases.

Tourmanium ceramics form the same ionization of air. When there is a tourmanium carpet in the room (even turned off), it saturates the air with light air ions (air ions), which make the air in the room beneficial to health. The high ionization of the air contributes to the rapid elimination of many diseases.

2. Ionization of water. When water is (or moves) in a magnetic field, the water particles are magnetized. As a result, water molecules acquire a polar orientation. The water becomes structured; its molecules acquire order. The use of such water speeds up metabolism, improves and accelerates all processes in the body.

The structuring and ionization of water is carried out by turmanium ceramics, namely its magnetic field. The ceramic elements should be immersed in water for several hours. This will lead to the formation of magnetized and ionized water. A striking example of the formation of such ionized water is the Sense-50 water filter. Inside the filter is a pyramid made of tourmanium ceramics. It also ionizes water.

3. Ionization of living tissue. All inanimate nature is mainly composed of molecules. Therefore, it is motionless. Wildlife in the overwhelming majority consists of ions. Ions are in constant motion – positive ions move to negative, negative – to positive. When they meet, they form molecules between themselves, which are then torn apart due to the presence of a person’s own magnetic field. Therefore, living tissue (for example, the human body) is in constant motion, self-reproducing, self-healing.

Aging and death. The aging process is manifested in the fact that the human body’s own magnetic field decreases. The processes of the formation of molecules prevail in the body, and there are fewer ions. The person becomes slow, sedentary. And when biological death occurs, the magnetic field of the cells and tissues of the body disappears. Ions in the body quickly meet, forming molecules, and new ions are not formed. A living body turns into inanimate and is destroyed.

The magnetic field of tourmanium ceramics ionizes living tissue. At the same time, the aging process slows down in the body, the ionization of tissues increases. For long-term carrying out of such ionization, a tourmanium carpet is used, on which a person should sleep all night (even when turned off). This increases the number of ions in the body and rejuvenates the body.

Another example of ionization of living tissue is long-term storage of food in a tourmanium container. On the lid of the container there is a large disc made of tourmanium ceramics, which has a magnetic field and ionizes the food placed in the container. As a result, food does not spoil for a long time.

Vacuum containers.jpg

4. Ionization of blood is extremely important for maintaining the rheological properties (fluidity) of blood.

Blood is a specific human tissue. It consists of cells (blood cells – leukocytes, erythrocytes and platelets) and intercellular substance (blood plasma). Blood is in a liquid state due to the presence of a magnetic charge on the surface of cells. That is why blood cells repel each other and are constantly suspended in vessels.

But with age, the natural magnetic field of the human body decreases. This leads to a decrease in the magnetic charge on the blood cells. The cells begin to clump together, forming clots that can stick together into blood clots, blood mobility decreases, and the blood thickens. Thick blood does not go well to organs and tissues. There is a decrease in trophism (hypotrophy and atrophy of organs), oxygen starvation (hypoxia), cleansing (slagging) is impaired and immunity decreases.

Blood thinning occurs when the magnetic field of tourmanium ceramics is applied. When the human body is on the surface of the tourmanium ceramic, blood moves in a magnetic field. And a magnetic charge is formed on the blood cells. As a result, the cells are detached from each other and, like magnetized balls, are repelled. The blood becomes more fluid and mobile. This process is called “blood thinning”.

Thinned blood passes better to all organs. Blood circulation and cleansing of the body improves. Metabolic processes and damage recovery are accelerated. But the ionization process is short-lived. Blood thinning persists for several hours. For long-term liquefaction, it is necessary to spend a long time on the ceramics, for example, sleep all night on a tourmanium carpet.

Ionization and blood thinning is demonstrated by a microscope for studying capillaries – a capillaroscope. On the capillaroscope screen, you can see live how the blood flow changes after the equipment made of tourmanium ceramics is applied to the hand.

Due to the ionization provided by the turmanium ceramics, lymph and intercellular fluid are diluted. The permeability of the vessels improves, edema decreases, blood clots in the veins dissolve.



One of the components of tourmanium ceramics is the tourmaline mineral. It has its own permanent magnetic field. This field is formed when the stone is deformed (piezoelectric effect) or heated (pyroelectric effect).


Piezoelectric effect

The piezoelectric effect consists in the formation of a magnetic field during mechanical deformation of the stone – its stretching and compression. When tourmaline is squeezed or stretched, the energy of squeezing or stretching the stone is transformed into a magnetic field on its surface.

Pyroelectric effect

The pyroelectric effect is the conversion of thermal energy into a magnetic field. When tourmaline is heated, a magnetic field is formed on its surface. For the manifestation of this property, a temperature of 15-25 ° C is sufficient. With additional heating of tourmaline, the intensity of the magnetic field increases.

Ceramic magnetic field

Tourmanium ceramics is a composite material. It is created from fine powder of tourmaline and elvan stones, germanium metal and volcanic rocks. Tourmaline in the composition of tourmanium ceramics does not lose its magnetic properties, therefore, they also apply to ceramics.

Tourmanium ceramics has a constant magnetic field of tourmaline stone. The magnetic field of ceramics is safe and similar to the magnetic field of the Earth, it is maximally adapted to the human body.

When the magnetic field of tourmanium ceramics is applied to the human body, the human’s own magnetic field is corrected. As a result, the following healing effects are manifested:

1. Effects on the nervous system.

The magnetic field of tourmanium ceramics acts on the nerve cell membrane, increasing its polarity. As a result, the resting potential of the nerve cell increases, and it becomes less excitable. This leads to a calming down of the nervous system at the cellular level.

Calming the nervous system

Decreases irritability and excitability. The person becomes calmer and more balanced.

Sleep improves. At the same time, the ease of sleep, the absence of nightmares is noted. In the morning one feels cheerfulness and calmness. Often, with the help of tourmanium ceramics, even those people who have had problems with sleep for many years gain the opportunity to sleep.

The mood improves. Poor sleep is one of the factors contributing to the onset of depression. A person who has rested and slept at night always feels cheerful and cheerful.

Working capacity improves. Lack of calm and adequate rest contributes to fatigue. With the calming of the nervous system and good sleep, a person immediately improves health and performance.

Pain decreases. People with an overexcited nervous system feel especially severe pain. When the nerves are calmed, all pain sensations are perceived less. It is especially helpful for chronic pain.

The work of the digestive organs – the stomach, intestines, biliary tract, etc. improves. As a result of the influence of the magnetic field, spasms of the cavity organs are relieved, intestinal and hepatic colic disappears. Improves bowel movement (peristalsis), excretion of bile. The work of the pancreas is enhanced.

The work of the endocrine system is normalized. Due to the calming of the nervous system, the secretion of hormones from the pituitary gland, adrenal glands, thyroid, pancreas and gonads is normalized. The condition improves even with systemic and autoimmune diseases.

2. Normalization of vascular tone.

The vascular wall contains a muscular (inner) membrane that can contract or relax. The tone of the vessels depends on this – they can be spasmodic (high pressure), relaxed (low pressure) or toned (normal pressure). Spasmodic or relaxed vascular walls cause, respectively, high or low blood pressure. The condition of the vascular wall is influenced by environmental factors such as atmospheric pressure and air temperature.

The autonomic nervous system is responsible for the adaptation and adaptation of our vessels to environmental changes. With the weakness of the autonomic nervous system, vegetative-vascular dystonia occurs. This disease is manifested by changes in blood pressure associated with changes in the environment, for example, with the weather.

When exposed to the magnetic field of tourmanium ceramics, the vascular wall tone is aligned and stabilized. Both spasmodic and relaxed muscle walls become toned. This leads to the equalization of blood pressure and the elimination of its drops.

The result of vascular tone leveling

Blood pressure is normalized. They cease to bother with changes in blood pressure associated with changes in blood pressure. Meteosensitivity is passing.

Blood pressure decreases. With hypertension, there is a slow and gentle decrease in blood pressure.

The work of the cardiovascular system improves. With the normalization of vascular tone, a better filling of the coronary arteries of the heart with blood occurs. The result of this is the normalization of the work of the heart muscle, strengthening and stabilization of cardiac activity.

The manifestations of meteorological dependence decrease. There is a strengthening of adaptive mechanisms. A person tolerates weather changes better.

The manifestations of edema are reduced. Edema occurs as a result of paresis (relaxation) of the vascular wall of the veins at the site of edema. When exposed to the magnetic field of tourmanium ceramics, the venous wall is toned. The outflow of fluid from the edema zone improves through the veins. After a while, the edema decreases.

Rapid elimination of inflammation. When edema is eliminated, blood flow to the site of inflammation increases. This contributes to a faster cessation of inflammation.

3. Acceleration of metabolism.

The magnetic field of tourmanium ceramics acts on the cell membranes and accelerates the movement of substances in them. Nutrients enter the cell faster and in large quantities, and toxins are removed from the cell faster and in large quantities. As a result, the growth and reproduction of cells is accelerated and all organ damage is restored much faster.

The result of the acceleration of metabolism

Healing injuries. Due to the rapid division of cells, damage to the skin and mucous membranes, parenchymal organs, muscles, etc. is closed.

Rapid recovery of damaged organs. Thanks to the magnetic field, diseases are cured faster.

Saturation of bones with calcium. When exposed to the magnetic field of tourmanium ceramics, osteoporosis is effectively eliminated. Bones are quickly saturated with calcium.



The magnetic field of tourmanium ceramics acts softly and slowly. To achieve the result, its use should be several hours a day. The best option is to sleep on tourmanium ceramics throughout the night.thoritative opinions of doctors:

Klimov V.F.Neurologist

Of all the methods of physiotherapy, magnetotherapy is the softest and most gentle. It is well tolerated by those to whom other procedures are contraindicated due to age or health condition: elderly people, weakened patients. Magnetotherapy is painless, has a fairly wide list of indications, does not require special costs and the use of complex equipment. Since magnetic fields penetrate any surface and medium, they are successfully used in the presence of plaster, various dressings, ointment overlays or any other medical devices.


Myostimulation (“myo” – muscle) is a technique of influencing the human body using electrical impulses.

Myostimulation acts primarily on muscle cells. Muscle cells are one of the unique types of tissues in the human body. They have the ability to contract – to reduce their length.

The contraction of a muscle cell (fiber) occurs when a nerve impulse arrives at the muscle. This impulse changes the polarity of the cell membrane. As a result, the muscle cell contracts.

There are three types of muscle cells: smooth, striated skeletal, and striated cardiac.

Cardiac muscle fibers are located in the heart. They contract involuntarily and automatically.

Skeletal muscles are located throughout the body. They attach to bones and tendons. Skeletal muscle contraction causes the bones in the joint to move. A person makes such reductions on his own.

Smooth muscles are located circularly in the wall of the gastrointestinal tract, vessels, glandular ducts, etc. Their contraction reduces the lumen of the cavity. Such muscles contract involuntarily under the influence of autonomic nerve impulses.

Myostimulation is used in cosmetology for body shaping by strengthening and increasing muscle mass. A stable result is achieved slowly, it depends on the individual characteristics of the body, the condition of the muscles and extra pounds. Usually, myostimulation is recommended in a complex of health procedures.

For athletes, electrical muscle stimulation helps keep fit and recover from injury. Usually it is recommended in the complex of health procedures. Sports activities will become more effective if you supplement the training program with myostimulation.

Myostimulation can be performed using the following Nuga Best equipment:

– myostimulation pillow of equipment NM-5000;

– electrodes of the Miracle II myostimulator;

– electrodes of the E3 myostimulator;

– equipment suction cups E3;

– myostimulation pyramids of equipment NM-55R.

Myostimulation with the help of Nuga Best equipment is carried out with low frequency electrical impulses. This electrical impulse is similar to a nerve impulse and causes active muscle contraction. A kind of passive muscle training is carried out without human effort.

Miostimulants “Nuga Best” have several modes of operation at different levels of intensity. Various types of impulse currents successively replace each other: first, a weak effect, then a gradual increase and again weakening.

Impulses differ in strength and duration, which eliminates addiction. The shape and frequency of the impulses in the myostimulator is similar to the shape and frequency of the impulses of the human nerve cell, which ensures the safety of the use of the myostimulator.

Intensity modes determine the depth of penetration of electrical impulses. The depth of penetration determines which muscle group will contract:

– with a light intensity mode, electrical impulses affect the skin and superficially located smooth muscles (for example, vessels with edema).

– at an average intensity mode, electrical impulses cause contraction of the muscles of the abdomen, back, arms and legs;

– at high intensity, an effect occurs on deeply lying muscles, for example, near the spine or intestines.

What are the effects of electrical impulses?

Electrical impulses hitting the surface of the skin cause muscle contraction. At the same time, the following are reduced:

1. Striated muscles (abdomen, back, arms and legs). In this case, muscle contraction and training occur. In medicine, such workouts provide muscle recovery after illness.

2. Smooth muscles in the vessels. An increase in venous tone leads to an improvement in the venous outflow of blood and a decrease in edema (anti-edema effect). This increases the flow of arterial blood to the organ. Myostimulation promotes the removal of accumulated lactic acid from the muscles, saturation of tissues with oxygen. This often provides good pain relief.

3. Smooth muscles in the wall of the cavity organs (intestines). Due to this, peristalsis increases – the contraction of the colon wall. This improves the functioning of the intestines, contributes to its better cleansing and emptying.

4. Smooth muscles of the skin. Leads to a decrease in excess fluid in the adipose tissue. Contraction of muscles consumes energy, as a result of which the fat content in fat cells decreases. The skin becomes taut and elastic, extra pounds disappear.

Ways of using myostimulants “Nuga Best”

1. For the stomach. The muscle stimulator is attached to the abdomen. With a large belly, you can sequentially stimulate different areas. It is used for obesity, disruption of the intestines, weakness of the abdominal wall, etc. The myostimulator gives the best result when a person lies on his stomach.

2. For the back. The muscle stimulator is attached to the abdomen. It can be used for the lower back, between the shoulder blades, for the collar region, for the sacrum and buttocks. It strengthens the muscles, relieves swelling and pain in the muscles of the back.

3. For arms, legs and joints. You can put an arm or leg on the muscle stimulator or wrap a limb with the muscle stimulator. With this effect, pain decreases and muscle function improves. A muscle stimulator can be wrapped around joints to reduce swelling and pain.

4. For palms and feet. Stimulation with electrical impulses of biologically active points is carried out for the healing of the whole organism.

Restrictions in the use of Nuga Best myostimulants.

1. Do not apply on the stomach during pregnancy.

2. Do not use myostimulation on the head and neck, on the mammary gland, on the heart area, on the scrotum.

3. Do not use with a pacemaker.

4. Do not apply to bleeding area.

5. Do not use in case of alcoholic and drug intoxication, strong arousal.

6. Do not use on the upper back in case of epilepsy.

7. Do not apply to damaged skin.

8. Do not apply to the area of tumor placement.  

Authoritative opinions of doctors:

Hunger V.M.Medical expert

Myostimulation can be used as a physical therapy or training procedure. It has been used in medicine for over twenty years. Initially, myostimulation was used as gymnastics for bedridden patients who had undergone major surgery. In modern medicine, myostimulation helps to recover from fractures, operations, strokes, nerve damage in the extremities, etc.


Moxibustion is an ancient method of reflex action on biologically active points with the help of high temperature, which has firmly taken its place in medical practice.

The main advantage of moxibustion is its focus on the entire body as a whole, activation of self-regulation and defense mechanisms. In ancient times they said: “Irritation from the outside is an effect inside.” It was believed that moxibustion is effective even when drugs are powerless.

Tourmania equipment “Nuga Best” represents a hardware version of this procedure, which can be carried out at a temperature of 65-70 ° C.

Moxibustion temperature

The normal human body temperature is up to 37 ° C. By applying a heated object to the human body, we increase the body temperature: the receptors of the skin will give a feeling of warmth. When the skin is warmed up to a temperature of 43 ° C, pain will arise, and the death of the weakest cells will occur:

– diseased cells, changed by disease and unable to withstand this temperature.

– old cells are also not resistant to this temperature and therefore die.

– tumor cells with an insufficient thermoregulation mechanism at the specified temperature quickly overheat and die.

Healthy cells have a good thermoregulatory mechanism and are able to withstand temperatures up to 46 ° C. When the temperature of skin warming up from 43 ° С to 46 ° С is reached, cauterization occurs. The death of weak cells is accompanied by the onset of pain. Further heating of the skin (above 46 ° C) leads to the death of even healthy cells – a burn occurs. The task of cauterization is to create a burning sensation in the area of the skin to be burned, but at the same time to avoid the occurrence of a burn.

Two moxibustion positions

There are two moxibustion positions. The first is moxibustion of the skin over the diseased organ, which leads to a local increase in immunity and to a reflex effect on the organ. For example, burning the skin over the liver increases the liver’s production of bile.

The second position is moxibustion of biologically active points, which leads to a reflex effect on the internal organs. At the same time, the thermal effect on the diseased organ is excluded, and the immunity increases throughout the body. For example, in case of liver disease, cauterization of the skin of the back is performed in the projection of the fifth thoracic segment of the spine.

Moxibustion of biologically active points

Most biologically active points (BAP) are located:

– on the feet.

– on the palms.

– along the spine.

– around the joints.

– on the ear (the ear is not cauterized);

– on the stomach.

To carry out the moxibustion of BAPs, a burning sensation should be achieved. In this case, there should be no burns, therefore, for cauterization, you need to select a temperature of 65-70 ° C. Cauterization of distant parts of the body leads to an increase in immunity throughout the body.

Cauterization of palms and feet

Feet and palms are placed on tourmanium cramics heated to a temperature of 65-70 ° C. In this case, there is a burning sensation. You should carefully monitor the condition of the skin so as not to cause a burn.

Back moxibustion

Tourmanium rolls of NM-5000 equipment pass along the spine and at high temperature they burn biologically active points. This strengthens the immune system and improves the functioning of those internal organs, the biologically active points of which are located near the spine.

Moxibustion of the joints

The joints should be cauterized due to the large number of biologically active points around them. You need to cauterize all joints, and not just those that hurt. Moxibustion of the joints gives not only a local healing effect, but also affects the internal organs.


Moxibustion should be carried out until a burning sensation in different parts of the abdomen is felt. In this case, there is a reflex increase in the activity of internal organs and an increase in general immunity.

How to carry out moxibustion?

The total time for a single moxibustion should be about 20-30 minutes. For an effective increase in immunity, the time of moxibustion must be accumulated, that is, moxibustion 2-3 times a day. A noticeable strengthening of the immune system will occur, on average, after 150 hours of moxibustion.


Improving immunity. The death of weak cells during cauterization activates the immune system. Leukocytes rush to the place of cauterization to restore the body after damage. From dead cells, biologically active substances (inflammatory mediators) enter the bloodstream, which trigger the local inflammatory process. This leads to local activation of the immune system.

Rejuvenation of tissues. When cauterized, old and diseased cells die; healthy and young stay alive. After cauterization, healthy cells multiply and fill the place that was formed after cauterization. The result is tissue rejuvenation.

Capillaries appear. Due to the critical heating for the body (43 ° C), it becomes necessary to constantly remove heat from the heated area. This leads to the emergence of new small vessels – capillaries, the presence of which increases the blood supply to the organ. The formed capillaries function if the temperature load continues in the body. When the moxibustion is stopped, the capillaries gradually disappear.

Tendons and ligaments are strengthened. Tendons and ligaments are the dense connective tissue of the human body. They have a weak blood supply, most often they feed diffusely. When burning the joints and the spine, there is an improvement in the nutrition of the ligamentous area, renewal of their cellular structure. This strengthens the ligaments.

Calming the nervous system. The painful sensations that occur during moxibustion reduce the sensation of pathological pain. The nervous system calms down, the feeling of chronic pain decreases, sleep improves, and leg cramps disappear.

Chronic diseases are cured. As a result of increased immunity, tissue rejuvenation, the formation of capillaries and an improvement in the innervation of organs, healing occurs in many chronic diseases that cannot be cured by traditional methods. Moxibustion can cure:

– hypertension

– tumors and cancer

– atherosclerosis

– arthritis

– prostatitis

– cysts and nodes

– ulcers

– hemorrhoids

– phlebeurysm

– thrombosis

– sclerosis

– chronic inflammation

– obesity and others 

Authoritative opinions of doctors:

Klimov V.F.Neurologist

Cauterization allows you to restore the capillary network of our vessels (vase-vasorum), which is the basis for the treatment of atherosclerosis and venous insufficiency. Achieving by moxibustion the temperature rise in the tissues of the body to 41-43 degrees, we obtain the therapeutic effect of “hyperthermic reaction”, which helps in the treatment of oncological diseases. Thus, with the help of moxibustion, we have a unique opportunity for healing and natural restoration of our body, which no pill can do due to the lack of effect.


Acupressure massage is one of the options for influencing more biologically active points of the human body. There are several areas on the human body where biologically active points (BAP) are very densely located. These are the palms, feet, back along the spine, the surface of the joints, as well as the auricle.

Massage in these areas allows you to simultaneously act on many biologically active points.

There are several types of effects on biologically active points:

– acupressure.

– point acupuncture.

– point moxibustion.

– point electropuncture.

– point laser puncture.

Acupressure massage is a method of influencing biologically active points by pressing. Such massage involves not just pressing, but skillful use of the strength of the hands. The effectiveness of the massage and its effect on the internal organs, behind which the corresponding BAPs are connected, depend on the methods of pressing.

A feature of the method is that, unlike other dynamic hand movements (massage, rubbing), acupressure uses static movements. In this case, the force of pressure of the hands (fingers) must penetrate deep into the internal organs, muscles and tissues.

Acupressure massage activates our body’s natural ability to heal itself. Depending on the characteristics of the organism and the symptoms of the disease, the angle, strength, intensity, time and amount of pressure are regulated. In this case, painful sensations may occur, which only improve the effect. This method contributes to the balanced work of all organs, aimed at achieving harmony within the body.

With the help of Nuga Best equipment you can carry out:

– acupressure back massage.

– point massage of the palms.

– acupressure foot massage.

Back Acupressure

It is carried out using the equipment NM-5000 or NM-4000. The tourmanium rolls of the massager contain three massaging combs. When these ridges pass under the back, they exert pressure on the biologically active points of the three meridians located along the back. Especially high quality massage is during roll stops when using the automatic massage program.

The impact on the BAP of the back of certain segments of the spine allows you to regulate the functioning of various internal organs.



C1 Pituitary gland, brain and inner ear, blood supply to the head.

C2 Eye, ear, sight and hearing, facial nerve.

C3 Outer ear, teeth, trigeminal nerve, facial skin.

C4 Nose, lips, mouth, salivary glands.

C5 Tongue, vocal cords, throat, tonsils.

C6 Muscles of the neck, larynx, throat, tonsils.

C7 Thyroid gland, shoulder joint, elbow, trachea.

C8 Forearm, hand, fingers, esophagus, bronchi.


T1 Bronchi.

T2 Heart.

T3 Lungs.

T4 Liver, gallbladder.

T5 Liver.

T6 Stomach.

T7 Pancreas.

T8 Spleen.

T9 Adrenal gland.

T10 Kidney.

T11 Kidney, ureter.

T12 Small intestine.


L1 Large intestine.

L2 Cecum, thigh.

L3 Genitals, ovaries, testes, uterus, bladder, knees.

L4 Prostate, bladder, sciatic nerve.

L5 Vessels of the legs, legs, feet.

Sacrococcygeal region

S Pelvic organs, buttocks.

Co Rectum, anus, coccyx. 

Acupressure massage of palms and feet


The impact on the BAP of the feet and palms is carried out during the massage using the NM-55 equipment. But the surfaces of the massager are tourmanium pyramids with a rounded top. These pyramids carry out point pressure on biologically active points. Massage occurs when a person places their hands on the surface of the equipment with their palms down or steps on the equipment.


Authoritative opinions of doctors:

Klimov V.F.Neurologist

Acupressure massage is a truly unique treatment. Its value also lies in the fact that it does not require any medication or medication. You only need a basic knowledge of the nature of the human body. Acupressure massage helps to put all body systems in order, “starts” the natural clock, heals malfunctions and optimally redistributes energy inside a person. This is the most affordable and natural method of treatment.